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Home school International is a co-educational school catering for pupils from pre-nursery to senior secondary school.



Home School International – Developing Skills Through Individual Approach To Learning


Welcome to Our School

welcome to home school

At Home School, we focus on individualizing teaching in the classroom in a small group (max 25 pupils per class) for effective learning.We cater for pupils from nursery to secondary school. We are committed to developing the whole child to take his place as tomorrow’s leader in a challenging and multicultural world….

Our Great Outdoors

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Home school International is dedicated to meeting the needs of children in a beautiful, serene, secure and conducive environment. Play ground, fields, garden and various games and sporting facilities are also available. The school is situated  on a  land mass of about 1.3 hectares….

Nigeria/British Curriculum

geography club at home school suleja
We blend the Nigeria and British curricula to create a child-centered curriculum which provides breath,balance, relevance and progression. Our curriculum is also enriched by specialist French and Music teachers…

Spacious Classrooms for Effective Learning

We take pride in our culture

We Welcome You to Home School International

At Home School, We don’t learn alone. We also have fun!


We aim to give every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible. We reinforce individualizing teaching in the classroom in a small group (max 18 per class) for effective learning. We are committed to developing the whole child to take his place as tomorrow’s leader in a challenging and multi-cultural world. To achieve these, however, we help individual students to develop his/her abilities, skills and personality to the fullest. Education on the whole influences and reflects the values of the society and the kind of society we want, hence a thorough preparation of the students to face the challenges of life.
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Interactive learning transforms learning into fun. We develop interactive, participatory learning experiences for kids with the mission to spark imaginative learning using unique hands-on science experiments. Science is presented in a visual and interactive manner to make children become junior scientists and propel them into science adventures for exciting education. This helps them to explore their world and creativity.
Interactive learning is employed in all subject areas thereby creating responsibility for the children and accountability for the teachers.

enquiry based learning


This program provides children with leadership values, manners and social skills they need to help them develop their characters. It also helps children in enhancing personal and public health and promoting healthy and befitting behavioral change through special training programs that conform to best global practices.

social and emotional learning

Students’ performance rating after spending about a term in our school

  • Mental Alertness 90% 90%
  • Reading and Cognitive Skills 92% 92%
  • Problem Solving 95% 95%
  • Inter-personal Relationship 96% 96%

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