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How can I be involved?

Your child will do better in their education if there are strong connections between home and school. As a parent, you can provide that connection by being actively involved in your child’s school. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Visit your child’s classroom; a visit will give you an idea of what your child does at school and how he or she interacts with other children.
  • Volunteer to help in the classroom as an assistant (listening to children read, for example, or serving as an aide during computer work).
  • Support student events and performances by helping with them (such as sewing costumes or painting scenery for a school play) and by attending them.
  • If your school has a Parents’ Room/Lounge or Parent Center, drop in to meet other parents and teachers there, or to pick up information and materials.
  • Participate in workshops that are offered, such as those on child development or concerns that parents have (or help plan such workshops).
  • Take advantage of parent-teacher contracts (perhaps agreeing to read with your child for a certain amount of time each night).
  • Ask your child’s teacher if he or she has materials that you can use to help your child at home and to supplement homework.
  • Be part of decision-making committees about school issues and problems, such as a Parent Teachers Association (PTA).