students studying onlineWhy are digital technologies being used for learning?

Education is changing. For many of us, where our children learn, what they learn and how they learn is very different from what we experienced at school.

As our world keeps changing we need our young people to be confident, creative, connected and actively involved life-long learners. We need an education system that supports the development of values, knowledge and competencies, and sets them up to do well in the world.

Digital technologies are an important part of your child’s world. Your child uses them to connect with each other, to learn new skills and pursue their interests further than has ever been possible.

They also offer new opportunities for teachers and leaders, and new ways for you, your family  and community to contribute to your child’s learning.

Digital technologies can enable:

  • learning to happen anywhere and at any time, not just in the classroom
  • your child to connect and collaborate with other students and teachers outside their school and even across the world
  • your child to understand challenging concepts in virtual worlds that would not otherwise be possible
  • easy access to the huge range of resources available on the internet to support learning (websites, apps and more)
  • you, your family, and community to become more involved and contribute to your child’s education, for example  through school Facebook pages and student blogs, and
  • your child to follow personal interests and talents and access experts not available to them locally.